We Are Jay Tech International School

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World

students of jaytech international school


School discipline is a required set of actions by a teacher towards a student



They should know that education cannot be divorced from standards of social behaviour.



Participating in school sports activities provides a means for students to more meaningfully engage with their education,


Extra Curicular Activities

Co-curricular activities stimulate the interest of the students and provide opportunities for self expression.

students of jaytech international school

“The Workplace of the Future”

The institution is built upon its mission of inspiring and nurturing the highest and noblest ideals of life through an education that is visionary and value oriented.

The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. It is equipped with all amenities and infrastructure that make possible an education that caters to the modern times. Jay Tech International School is with a dedicated and resourceful team of teachers whose skills and talents ensure the overall development of the students.

  • Teaching with audio-visual teaching aids.
  • Well-equipped Science lab
  • English language lab
  • Career guidance workshops
  • Parent interactive sessions
  • Training in public speaking


JAY TECH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, We are concerned with mould our children in the principles of service to humanity and society. We believe that given the right guidance, all children can be independent and competent learners and become global citizens in service of the common good. We want an empowered generation that seeks an intellectual and an aesthetic excellence in all spheres of life.To educate timeless principles and skills relevant to today's global reality and the challenges of tomorrow.


Empowering and Enlightenment through Education. Education is a continuous process of self discovery, a journey towards truth and enlightenment. We wish to assist our children in their attempts towards this goal. Be proactive in our responsibilities towards the community, society, the environment and economy, linking 'real life' with our learning. JAY TECH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a step further on the path to offer the best in education to children. The School is an English medium co-educational school and has classes from Kindergarten to Class IX and follows the CBSE syllabus


Education is an initiation into the life of spirit, a training of the human soul in the pursuit of truth and practice of virtue. We provide opportunities through stimulating, safe and supportive environment for attaining personal mastery and team spirit through collaborative learning wherein they develop not only their knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for success in the 21st Century but also develop strong moral values, especially appreciation and respect of different cultures and religions and become proactive and responsible world citizens